Women's Council

The women’s Council of the Maldivian Development Alliance is a representation of all the women registered and currently active in the party’s main register. The Women’s Council was formed to protect the rights of women, and empower them in every aspect of life such as education, health, economic, social, and politics.

Objectives and Aims of Women’s Council – MDA

The primary objective of the Women’s Council of Maldivian Development Alliance is;

  • To broaden the activities of the Maldivian Development Alliance and encourage more women’s participation in the women’s council.
  • To provide a platform and encourage more women to participate in the Parliamentary Elections, Local Council, and Women Development Committee elections via MDA.
  • To set a standard and techniques that could help the women who are interested to participate in Parliamentary Elections, Local Council, and WDC elections.
  • Discuss various concerns related to women in terms of law, conduct the research on key issues related and present it to the MDA’s National Council and Parliamentary group for further discussion, and amendment of the bills related to Women’s law.
  • Act as a monitoring body to check if there is any form of abuse (mental/ physical) and unethical behavior towards women living in both the society and party. Ensure to address these problems immediately to take the necessary action by alarming the concerned authorities.
  • Ensure that women who are in the society are role models, who practice our faith in Islam and live accordingly to the Shariah of Islam by upholding the Sunnah.
  • Ensure that women are safe, and healthy and live a lifestyle of healthy well-being in society by supporting them with fitness activities by conducting awareness programs.
Composition of Women’s Council of Maldivian Development Alliance

The composition of the Women’s Council of the Maldives Development Alliance is as follows;

  1. Chairperson of Women’s Council – (Ms. Anusha Abdul Latheef)
  2. Vice Chairperson of Women’s Council – Ms. Aminath Shehenaz Moosa
  3. Secretary of Women’s Council – Ms. Fathimath Shareef
  4. Member – Ms. Aneesa Mohamed
  5. Member – Ms. Hawwa Basheera
  6. Member – Ameera Mohamed


To realize fully universal equality and individual freedom