WDC by-election: Meedhoo to MDA, Nilandhoo to PPM

By-elections held for the vacant seats of Dh. Medhoo and F. Nilandhoo were won by the Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) and the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) respectively.

Vote counting for all the ballots placed for the Meedhoo election has concluded, and results have been announced. MDP candidate Hudhuna who won the Meedhoo seat won with 353. Meanwhile, her closest opponent was Maldives National Party (MNP) candidate Shula Waheed who won 208. Other candidates, MDP representing Aminath Fazna received 120 votes and independent candidate Aishath Same received 74 votes.

All the ballots have been counted in the election for Nilandhoo, and the PPM candidate Raniyyaa Naseer led with 247 votes. She contested against four others – three independent candidates and one from MNP.

Her closest opponent independent candidate Munira received 231 votes and was followed by MNP candidate Khadija Ali, who received 223 votes. The remaining independent candidate Aminath Ali got 151 votes and Thahira Ismail got 85 votes.

Notably, in both islands, the main party won the election.

In addition to voting for new WDC members, the by-election to elect a council president for KUrandhoo Council was also held. The candidate from PPM Ismail Madheeh won this election with 380 votes in favour.