After 14 years of service to education sector, Anusha joins MDA

Anusha Abdul Latheef, who has served 14 years in the education sector, has joined Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) today.

After signing for the party, Anusha handed over her membership form to MDA’s leader Ahmed Siyam Mohamed.

Anusha, who is joining the political arena for the first time, said that she decided to join MDA as she believes the party’s leader, Siyam, is an individual who listens to the voice of the people and is capable to working alongside the people in moving forward.

“I joined thus party to build a political career and as I want to serve the nation. I have seen all political leaders. I chose MDA, because I believe MP Siyam is the best leader,” she had said.

Anusha said she will, alongside the MDA’s council, lead and take part in the party’s activities following her membership. Stressing that she believes opportunities should be facilitated for youths that are educated and capable and show good integrity to enter the political sector, she noted that MDA has created such opportunities for youths.

“I have seen many political parties fail. That is as they have failed to serve the people. But as I believe, Siyam has a vision,” she added.

Apart from Anusha, a significant number of people have recently joined MDA.