MDA leader Siyam: Perpetrators of violence against women need harsh punishment

Leader of Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) and Parliament representative for Meedhoo, MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed said on Tuesday that perpetrators of acts of violence against women must be meted out harsh punishments.

Sending greetings on the occasion of International Women’s Day to all the women of Maldives, he noted that the physical and emotional abuse faced by women was one of the most pressing issues facing Maldives.

Additionally, he said that women face these issues to a concerning level at workplaces, roads and even at home.

MP Siyam highlighted that the contribution of women had played a crucial role in the development achieved by Maldives today.

“As a society, women contributed equally as men in all the progress and successes we have achieved. This is a fact that history has always proven to be true,” he said.

Furthermore, Siyam stated that while women make up half of the population, many of them are youths.

Hence, he called on to pave way for ‘today’s young women’ to have a place in the frontlines to shape and lead the future of the country.

Highlighting this year’s theme for Women’s Day – gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow, MP Siyam urged all women to work side-by-side with men for a sustainable future.

He concluded his statement by urging a halt in forms of abuses against women, and for perpetrators of violence against women to be punished to the full extent of the law.